Suzy Aikman

Suzy Aikman

By CYT Staff Trudi Maples

27 year old Suzy is a brand manager for a licensing company and so her working life revolves around food and drink.

Originally from Glasgow and now living in London, she shares a love of Asian food with her boyfriend Lewis who does a lot of the cooking at home. She said,

‘I think I have always battled with my weight. There’s always a part of me that’s always felt that I’ve been slightly bigger than other girls the same age as me. I don’t remember ever being a size smaller than a 14.’

Suzy is 5’7” and weighs in at 13stone 5lbs but it’s steadily creeping up! She said,

‘I’ve got quite a small waist but my stomach is where some of the weight that I’m gaining at the moment is going on most. If you take from my waist down to my knees if I could tone that up a bit and change that bit it would be fantastic.’

Suzy has a real sweet tooth and loves sweet things. She said she couldn’t see how she could go a day without having cake at some point. She said,

‘I couldn’t live without cake. I’ll find an excuse to have a celebration to go and have cake!’

Now, I think we can all identify with that a little but, would we have cake for brekkie? That’s when Suzy has her first fix of the day. One of her daily habits is a large caramel macchiato and a skinny lemon and poppy seed muffin. But, the muffin is definitely not skinny. At 390 calories a go, it’s not a good start to the day. She would be better off eating a cheese burger every day!

Both Suzy and her boyfriend enjoy cooking Thai Green Curry but she admits they use lots of butter, sugar and full fat coconut milk. And we won’t even talk about her Queen of Sheba cake yet – this writer doesn’t think you could cope with knowing how many calories are in that just yet!

Suzy said,

‘I more than aware of why I think I am overweight and I know what I need to do to combat it but I just don’t feel I should have to give up all my sweet treats in order to do that. Life’s too short!’

Luckily, Gizzi doesn’t think that anyone should have to give up their favourite treats. She said,

‘I love my indulgent foods. You know, like chocolate fudge cake and what’s really great is that there is a way you can eat really tasty foods and lose weight permanently.’

What's In Your Fridge?

Gizzi arrived at Suzy’s house and her first stop was the fridge – otherwise known as the big white cake box! There were sticky toffee puddings, chocolate éclairs filled with cream, macaroons and then she came across Suzy’s Queen of Sheba cake. Gizzi said,

‘What the devil is this?’ and then proceeded to try some. She went on,

‘Blooming hell. It’s like the densest, sweetest cake. What is in it?’

Suzy told her what the ingredients were. Gizzi was gobsmacked! She went on to check out the cupboards. Gizzi was impressed with the rage of ingredients in Suzy’s cupboard and said it was a good start. But the she spotted a pack of snowballs at the top of the cupboard. You know the things? Crisp chocolate outer with a squishy marshmallowy centre and coconut flakes all over the outside? Yep, those ones!

Gizzi carried on looking through the cupboards and came across Banoffee Pies, caramel wafers, cookies and a huge stash of chocolate bars. Wow! Suzy did say she had a sweet tooth but this is the mother of all sweet teeth! Gizzi said,

‘Suzy is one of those women we all relate to. She is only there to drop a couple of dress sizes, if that. She’s a real passionate foodie. It’s just she has the odd hiccup, well I say the odd one, quite a big hiccup when it comes to sugar!’

Snack Attack

The first of Suzy’s hiccups for Gizzi to tackle is Suzy’s not so skinny muffin. Gizzi said,

‘So Suzy, I’m going to tackle your beloved muffin. I’m going to show you how to make a lemon and blueberry poppy seed muffin.’

Gizzi had a secret ingredient up her sleeve help make this muffin super-skinny. Courgettes!!!!! We thought she was making a muffin??

‘The great thing about courgette is when it’s grated it holds on to a lot of moisture and it makes it really moist and delicious. Does that sound a bit barmy to you?’ said Gizzi.

Couldn’t we all say that sounds a bit barmy? She went on to say,

‘It’s no different to making a carrot cake. It is a really, really great secret ingredient. And I promise you, when it’s cooked, you will not taste a courgette!’ Shall we reserve judgement? Yes? We’ll see how the muffin looks and tastes when Suzy gets to taste it.

Once they came out of the oven, they did look totally amazing! Lovely and golden brown with little exploded blueberries all over the tops. Yummmmmmmmm!

Once they had cooled, Suzy got her chance to dig in. She said, with a happy mouthful,

‘Mmmmm, they’re delicious!’

Gizzi's Lemon and Blueberry Muffins

Suzy’s normal Skinny Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffin from Starbucks comes in at a rather large 390 calories per muffin.

Gizzi’s yummy Lemon, Blueberry and Poppy Seed Muffins come in at a super-skinny 191 calories – Half the calories!

Suzy said,

‘I could easily sacrifice my other muffin for this!’

Move It . . . Just a Little Bit

Suzy hasn’t always been a size 14. Since her teens her weight has crept up and up. She said,

‘I would say my weight hadn’t started to effect me until this year in particular, because I realised I’m really not as fit as I used to be. I would say that was when I reached my heaviest point. I was probably just over 14 stone and I felt my heaviest and I felt I looked my heaviest. I probably would be the last person to admit that it has affected my confidence but, I think if I took a really long hard look inside it probably is affecting my confidence. My cupboard is full of clothes that don’t fit me but they’re my favourites and I won’t throw them out because there will be a point when I can get back into them and I’m determined to get to that point.’

Suzy normally takes the bus to the station to get to work. But, she could easily burn off some calories by using some power-walking techniques.

  • She needs to use the whole of her foot, heel to toe, when she walks, stretching her hamstrings and toning her butt.
  • She needs to bend her arms and swing back with gusto to rotate the spine and shape up her waist.
  • And she needs to keep her hips from swaying to help firm up her tummy muscles.

So, ok, she might look a bit daft doing all of this but, a 20 minute power-walk will burn off 260 calories for her. Enough to shed a pound every fortnight and tone up the wobbly bits!

Calorie Swap

Suzy, as we have already discovered, can’t say no to a sweet, yummy cake. She starts the day with a cake and has cake for a treat. And even when she eats savoury food, she loves Thai which still has a certain sweetness to it!

Gizzi had the ultimate in chocolate indulgence to tackle next – Suzy’s Queen of Sheba cake. Suzy said,

‘The Queen of Sheba cake is a recipe that was handed to me about six months ago now. The cake’s got a lot of sugar, a lot of butter and a lot of chocolate in it. When you pour the chocolate sauce over the top you basically end up with a bowl of chocolate sauce in the middle and then the sauce overflows on either side. Once you’ve had it once it does leave you wanting another slice and another slice. It is beyond indulgent, I would have to say!’

You’re not kidding Suzy. It contains almost 7000 calories! Suzy said that in the first week of having the recipe she made it three times! She said,

‘Sometimes I can wait for it to set but other times I have to jump on in and have a slice!’

Gizzi said,

‘The Queen of Sheba cake, I tried it and to be fair it’s delicious. But, the challenge for me is to be able to make a cake for her that’s gonna be just as indulgent and just as rich but not have those calories.’

Suzy thought it would only be about 2000 calories when Gizzi asked her! Surprising how wrong we can be eh? Suzy said,

‘Genuinely horrifying!’

Gizzi told Suzy she was going to be showing her a chocolate orange truffle cake. Gizzi said,

‘Which I promise you is equally indulgent.’

Just like Suzy’s Queen of Sheba cake, Gizzi’s is a family recipe and is a classic combination of chocolate and orange.

Gizzi used her good old favourite, fruit sugar (fructose) in the recipe. You might remember this from the crumble she cooked for Billie. It’s sweeter than regular sugar so you don’t need to use as much.

Gizzi also made up the cake mix without an ounce of butter! She asked Suzy if she was impressed and Suzy said she was. But, would it be indulgent enough? When it came to tasting it, Suzy took one mouthful and said to Gizzi,

‘You win!’

Gizzi's Chocolate Orange Truffle Cake

Suzy’s very indulgent Queen of Sheba cake comes in at a massive 570 calories per slice.

Gizzi’s luxurious Chocolate Orange Truffle cake comes in at a light and breezy 299 calories per slice – almost half, again!

The Fat Buster

The next dish for Gizzi to tackle may not be a cake but, it still helps to satisfy the monster sweet tooth that Suzy has because it’s got tons of sugar and full fat coconut milk in it. Gizzi needed to tackle Suzy and Lewis’ Thai Green Curry – a real favourite for them.

Suzy and Lewis don’t think that their Thai Green Curry would taste the same without their full fat ingredients. Lewis said,

‘I’m a bit dubious about using half fat coconut milk and no butter in the Thai Green Curry cos I think we’d lose a lot of the flavour and the texture from the dish.’

What he maybe didn’t know is that Thai food is Gizzi’s speciality! She said,

‘I know I’m going to show her how to make something which is gonna be so authentic she will not know the difference.’

Before Gizzi started cooking her skinny Thai Green Curry, she had a surprise for Suzy. Gizzi said,

‘Did you know, in your Thai Green Curry you have the same amount of fat as these guys.’ Taking the tea towel off a mahoosive oven dish of chips.

Suzy crinkled up her nose at the sight of them. Gizzi told her it was one and a half kilograms of frozen oven chips. A whopping 30grams of fat in one serving!

While Gizzi was cooking the chicken in her home made Thai Green Curry paste (that had very stinky shrimp paste in it!) Suzy said it all looked so fresh. But she didn’t look entirely convinced when Gizzi added the half fat coconut milk.

Then it was time to taste Gizzi’s Authentic Thai Green Curry and Suzy was impressed. Especially with the Pea Aubergines that Gizzi had added. Suzy said that she didn’t think anyone would ever know that Gizzi’s version was lower fat when she tasted it.

Gizzi's Thai Green Curry

Suzy’s Home Made Thai Green Curry came in with a full fat score of 30grams of fat per portion.

Gizzi’s half fat but not half taste Authentic Thai Green Curry comes in at just 13grams of fat per portion – actually less than half!

Gizzi had definitely proved that Suzy could have her cake and eat it!

Before Gizzi left Suzy, she had a gift for her to help her carry on with the good work. It was a thermal coffee mug so Suzy could still have a coffee on the go but not the normal, calorie laden caramel macchiato!

If Suzy simply uses Gizzi’s new recipes and goes for a daily power-walk, she could lose a staggering five stone in a year! Now that is how you cook yourself thin!


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