Gunay Shekerali

Gunay Shekerali

By CYT Staff Trudi Maples

Gunay is a 40 year old security officer from Enfield who is an extra for films on the side. He lives with his wife, daughter and son who quite often take the mick calling him chubby and telly tubby. He is desperate to lose his ‘moobs’.

At 5’8” he weighs in at 15 stone but wants to lose some weight before his cousin’s wedding in a few months’ time. He said,

‘I don’t like my belly. And the problem is it’s the man boobs, you know, I don’t think it looks right. It’s horrible.’

But Gunay loves his fryer. He said,

‘Without frying it I don’t think there’ll be any taste. If you grill it you might as well not eat it. I just find there’s no taste, like grass.’

He loves fried food and quite often has seconds at dinner time. Gunay is of Turkish Cypriot origin and there is nothing he likes more than a traditional Turkish fried breakfast which is spicy sausage, eggs and fried cheese. He also loves feta filo rolls which are also fried! His favourite meal is fish and chips. He said,

‘I love fish and chips! I just love the crispy batter. Fish and chips, you know, is obviously my favourite meal. I love fish and chips cos it’s fried as well and you just get that better taste. I love fish and chips!’

I think we get that Gunay loves fish and chips don’t we guys and girls? With all the fried food, the second and, sometimes third helpings and no exercise, Gunay’s diet is enough to make a heart surgeon quake in his boots! Gizzi is going to have her work cut out!

Gizzi said,

‘I love fried food as much as the next person. I love crisps, I love chips, I love fried chicken but, I believe there’s a way you can get all of that flavour and the crispness but without the fat.’

Gizzi Meets Gunay

Gizzi went to Gunay’s house in Enfield to take a look at his diet as it is at the moment. She said to him,

‘What I’m gonna do is create some dishes for you that are gonna give you the ultimate satisfaction. You’re gonna really not feel like you’re losing anything from them. Yet, you are gonna be gaining so much – and not weight!’

Then Gizzi asked if it was okay to have a rummage around the cupboards.

What’s In Your Fridge?

The first cupboard has a huge stash of crisps and chocolate. Gizzi asked Gunay what he got through a day and he said four or five packets of crisps a day and a couple of bars of chocolate.

Gizzi was gobsmacked! She said,

‘Four or five? A day?’

Gunay, trying to defend himself said that he would have two packets for breakfast and then maybe two later on. Gizzi was lost for words and stood looking at him with her mouth open! There was also an abundance of doughnuts, pastries, custard tarts and gallons of oil! And, of course, the love of his life sat on the side – the deep fat fryer. He described it as his ‘baby’!

In his fridge were some feta filo rolls which Gizzi sampled. After being fried, each filo roll contains 3.5grams of fat. Gunay would quite happily eat 10 at a time as a snack! So a massive 35grams of fat in one go – a third of his daily allowance.

For Gunay to change his ways, Gizzi was going to have to really pull out all the stops and dig deep in her bag of ingredients!

Snack Attack

To tackle Gunay’s fried food fixation and knowing that he loves lots of taste, Gizzi decided to try him with . . . an aubergine????

She told him she was going to make him a dip that he could take to work and snack on with a couple of pitta bread. As Gizzi was getting the aubergine ready, Gunay was NOT looking convinced!

Gizzi said that normally, the aubergine slices would be saturated with oil to get them cooked. Out came the trusty old oil pump and she spritzed the slices with oil. It meant that only half a teaspoon of oil was used on the aubergines. Gunay still looked doubtful!

As Gizzi was making the dip, she got Gunay to smell it – he said it reminded him of Cyprus – could he be softening up to Gizzi’s new dish?

Smokey Aubergine and Garlic Dip with Pitta Bread

Gunay’s Feta Filo Rolls had a massive 835 calories per portion.

Gizzi’s Smoked Aubergine and Garlic Dip with Pitta has just 248 calories per portion.

Gizzi told Gunay to tuck in to the dip. He said he liked aubergine but he’d never had it in this way. He said it was lovely and really tasty. Yay! Gizzi had triumphed!

Move It . . . Just a Little Bit!

Gunay hasn’t always been on the rotund side though. He has yo-yoed between 12 and 15 stone over the years. He now consumes up to 4000 calories a day – twice as much as he should be having. But, despite this, he does absolutely no exercise!

Akcay, Gunay’s son, is a regular gym goer and is always trying to get his dad to join him. Gunay said,

‘I couldn’t even do two press ups. It’s embarrassing really. And, if I went to the gym, they’d probably laugh at me!’

Akcay said,

‘I made him come to my gym but I think he spent more time looking at the girls than working out!’

But, as we all know, we don’t need a gym to get some exercise into our lives do we? So Gunay doesn’t have to spend the money or be embarrassed.

If Gunay did just 10 minutes of sit ups and press ups in between watching his favourite TV shows every day, he’d soon see some changes on the scales and in his clothes! In just 10 minutes, he could burn off 50 calories and if he kept it up for a year, he could burn off ½ a stone and tone up without setting foot in a gym!

The Fat Buster

After the success of the aubergine dip, Gizzi had to work her magic on Gunay’s fried Turkish brekkie. Gunay said,

‘I do love my breakfast. Obviously, I fry it and I have fried eggs, fried halloumi cheese, fried spicy sausage. So basically we do have quite a big, very big, breakfast.’

Gizzi said,

‘Everything that Gunay has for breakfast is fried and that is the one recipe that is really becoming a bit of a challenge to me. So I think I’m going to have to give him something that he’s probably not used to and that is absolutely giving me the willies! I don’t really know how he is going to take to my food.’

The recommended daily fat allowance for a man is 90grams but Gunay was having 270grams just in his breakfast! Over three times the amount he should. The equivalent fat to 25 packets of crisps!

What Gizzi had decided to do for Gunay to replace his very fatty brekkie was beans on toast with a poached egg and some bacon.

Gizzi explained to Gunay that the end of the bacon and the fat that runs along the edge takes up ⅔ of the fat content of the bacon so it might as well be removed. Gunay said,

‘To me that seems like the good part!’

Gizzi also said that she was going to measure the oil out that she needed to cook with. She said it was really easy to just slug a load of oil into the pan but you don’t need a huge amount. A tablespoon is enough – there’s a good tip.

Instead of using your normal baked beans from a tin, Gizzi made home made baked beans with the bacon, tomatoes, onion and cannellini beans. This writer’s mouth was watering at the site of that, all simmering away in the pan!

Gizzi also griddled the bread instead of toasting it normally. She said,

‘When you griddle bread, it tastes so fantastic. It acts like a barbeque and you get that barbeque flavour.’

Gunay had never had a poached egg before but, if you have a poached egg instead of a fried one, it saves over 30 calories! Yep, another great tip!

Gunay tried the dish that Gizzi had created and, even though she had been worried about it at the beginning, Gizzi had come up trumps again. Gunay said he would definitely have it for breakfast!

Cannellini Beans

Gunay’s Fried Turkish Breakfast weighs in with a waist busting 270grams of fat!

Gizzi’s Baked Beans with Poached Egg on Toast tiptoes delicately in with just 12grams of fat! Gunay would have to eat 20 of Gizzi’s baked bean brekkie to have the same fat content as his normal breakfast!

Calorie Swap

Two down, one to go. The next dish Gizzi needed to transform for Gunay was his all time favourite and British classic, Fish and Chips. Gizzi needs to find something that is a little more calorie conscious.

Gizzi said,

‘How would you feel if I told you I could make a batter that is so much lighter  and crispier and, in my opinion more delicious, than what you’re already used to and we’re gonna be deep frying?’

Gunay replied,

‘Well it sounds great, yeah. I mean, obviously if it’s got that sort of same taste I’d probably go along with it.’

Gizzi showed Gunay a plate of raw veggies and asked him if he recognised what was on there. He got it right with the peppers, onions and courgettes but didn’t recognise the asparagus and the sweet potato. Gizzi said she absolutely loved asparagus and that it rocked! And the sweet potato was going to be used to replace Gunay’s chips.

Gunay did look a little sceptical though. Even though the other two dishes Gizzi had done had been spot on for him. This was going to be interesting!

Gizzi prepared the veg and said for her this was looking way more exciting than fish and chips because there were so many different colours and textures. She asked Gunay if he was feeling the same. He said,

‘Errrrr. Not really, no. I mean all those vegetables. I dunno’

Next, Gizzi made the dipping sauce to replace Gunay’s usual tartar sauce. But he still didn’t look convinced. Maybe the sight of his faithful deep fat fryer would instil a bit more faith in Gizzi’s dish?

As Gizzi was battering and frying the veggies she had chopped up, Gunay looked very disappointed that there were no chips. He just couldn’t forget about his fish and chips!

Once the veggies were cooked, Gizzi placed them all on some kitchen towel to get rid of the excess fat – yep, there’s a great tip! Gunay said he never did that before.

When Gizzi was getting the battered prawns out of the fryer, Gunay seemed to be warming up to the new dish because he said it did look nice. And when he tucked in he said it was really nice. He said that the batter was lovely, really light but with a good taste.

Tiger Prawns

Gunay’s favourite fish and chips comes in at humungous 2418 calories!

Gizzi’s Prawn Tempura with Sushi Rice and Dipping Sauce comes in at a deLITEful 460 calories. Almost five times less.

Gunay said he was going to definitely stick to Gizzi’s new dish. He said it was a lot lighter in calories and that it had a really nice taste to it. Gunay said,

‘It’s kind of like a wake up call cos, obviously, I now realise that I’ve been eating too much fatty stuff, too much oil. It’s taught me a lesson basically. Given me the knowledge on what’s the correct food to cook.’

Gizzi had one final trick up her sleeve for Gunay. To try and keep Gunay away from the love of his life, the deep fat fryer, she gave him his very own griddle pan.

If Gunay only swapped the three dishes for the new ones Gizzi has given him and did a little bit of exercise, he could cut his calories by more than 4000 a week! In a year, he could lose up to four stone! Now that IS how you cook yourself thin!


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