Sophie is always on her mobile phone making social engagements. Because she's always got a date/dinner/party, she doesn't want to spend loads of time in the kitchen, unless she cooking for a high profile event. She understands that a girl needs her comfort food but still has to look fab in a party outfit. Accordingly her recipes are fast and furious but always look indulgent on the plate.

Guilty Secret:

She loves sweet chilli sauce!

Last Supper:

"Seafood Platter with all the works, washed down with Krug Champagne - might as well go out in style!"

Favourite Munchie:

"Chilli laced tomato pasta - cooked in true Italian style-this is why I go out with Italian men, they can always cook a proper bowl of pasta!

Meal to Impress a Bloke:

"Don't be daft, they take me out for dinner! If pushed, Lobster Spaghetti or Beef Tagliata with truffle potato gratin, but they would have to be very special."

Nightmare Meal:

Eel stew, it was the only time I've ever had to refuse food at the dinner table after one mouthful!

Most Memorable Meal:

On the Gilli Ises. near Bali and they are all white sand and blue sea. We had just been snorkelling over a beautiful reef and I found an amazing shell on the beach, we then sat in this little hut and had ice cold beer and chilli squid it was wonderful.

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Sophie Michell


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