About Cook Yourself Thin

You too can cook yourself thin with these specially developed tools to help you eat well and lose weight:

My Diary and Food Database

The Cook Yourself Thin food database contains calorie and nutritional information for thousands of basic and branded foods. Search for the foods and drinks you consume, add them to your food diary and it will keep count of the calories for you!

You can:

  • Track calories and see how many you have used up in each meal and how many you have left for the day
  • See the proportion of fat, protein and carbs in your food, and how many grams of fibre - giving you the control to balance your diet
  • Keep notes about food and drink for the day, how you felt and what affected what you ate and drank


Want to find a curry recipe with less than 400 calories, a low fat lunch or a pudding that won't pile on the pounds? CYT's database has lots of recipes to choose from, from quick and simple to cordon bleu - including recipes from the show

You can:

  • Search for recipes by calorie content or your favourite ingredients, or browse through the recipe categories for inspiration
  • Create and calorie-count your own recipes, and see what difference it makes to the calories when you change quantities or swap ingredients, helping you drop the pounds without dropping your favourite dishes
  • Add recipes to your Diary, from the database or from the list of recipes you have created

Goals and Results

Want to know how many calories you actually need every day, and how many will get you to the weight you want to be? Here's where all the calculations are done for you

You can:

  • Set a weight loss goal; see how many calories you need to get there and the date you can expect to reach your goal
  • Speed up or slow down your rate of loss depending on what suits you at the time. You can even go onto 'maintenance calories' for times when you need to relax but don't want to put weight on. Great for holidays and Christmas
  • Track your measurements and view your weight graph - there's nothing more motivating than a nice downward line!


The Cook Yourself Thin online community provides a great source of support. You can ask for advice from our nutritionally trained Helpteam, or from other members. You can read and join the conversation on different topic boards, plus send and receive private messages and, if you want to, share your personal profile

You can:

  • Get support - whatever you're going through, the chances are that other members can relate to it. They understand exactly what you mean because they've been there themselves
  • Get ideas and inspiration - real life practical answers to situations you face from "What shall I have for lunch?" to "How do I cope with evening munchies?"
  • Add the IDs of your buddies to your friends list and you can see when they're online

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*You can cancel at any time: online, by telephone, or email.

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