It's great to have buddies who understand you and are trying to achieve the same things. The Cook Yourself Thin Community is the place to get, and give, support...

Whether you want to celebrate or get a bit of TLC, Cook Yourself Thin's online community provides a great source of support. You can ask for advice from our nutritionally trained Helpteam, or from other members. You can read and join the conversation on different topic boards, plus send and receive private messages and, if you want to, share your personal profile.

You can:

  • Get support - whatever you're going through, the chances are that other members can relate to it. They understand exactly what you mean because they've been there themselves
  • Get ideas and inspiration - real life practical answers to situations you face from "What shall I have for lunch?" to "How do I cope with evening munchies?"
  • Add the IDs of your buddies to your friends list and you can see when they're online

Every winner has their supporters:

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