Harry is a fun and happy girl. She adores cooking and getting her hands dirty. She loves understanding her ingredients which is why she is passionate about butchery, and tracing food back to its roots. But don't be fooled, as well as helping out on farms and with butchers, she's also really girly, loves bright colours (especially pink) and big pearl necklaces.

Harry lives for food- her great love of chocolate means that hardly a day passes where she doesn't have some; she even keeps a stash in her car for emergencies... She believes that food should make you happy, and specialises in cooking with ingredients that are natural, full of colour and free range.

Guilty Secret:


Desert Island Vegetable:

Rainbow chard... the colours are spectacular.

Meal When You've Been Dumped:

Only time I really can't eat!

Worst Cooking Disaster:

Every so often, egg based recipes give me a hard time... eggs aren't always obedient!

Last Supper:

"6 snails with real baguette, then sirloin steak and proper french fries with bearnaise sauce (free range cow that I've butchered myself), followed by Vacherin cheese and single truffle. Washed down with some seriously wowee wines... what a great way to go!"

Harry's Recipes

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Harry Eastwood


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